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RUWT? Launches OpenID Support

Monday, April 28th, 2008

As much as I wish it was otherwise, this announcement is directed at da’ Geeks.

Weeks of masquerading as a designer made me feel all dirty so I cleansed myself with some good ol’ hardcore coding. It soft-launched this weekend, but I’m happy to announce that RUWT? now supports OpenID.

I’d love to include a great description or video about OpenID, but it doesn’t exist. Not a single one. Some come close, but then start shilling for some product or website, or tossing out terms like Relying Parties. Talking about RPs in an OpenID video == FAIL.

We all no I’m know wordsmith, but here’s my best shot at it…

Would you like to apply for an Old Navy credit card today and save 20% on your purchase?

Raise your hand if you haven’t heard that or some variation at a store recently. It’s easy to ignore, but what if it wasn’t an offer and was a requirement?

Imagine a mall where every store had it’s own credit card and it was the only form of payment accepted. No cash. No Capital One Visa. Just your Target, Best Buy, or Gap Card. You were more than welcome to come in and window shop, but if you actually wanted to purchase something, you had to whip out your ID, prove that you were who you said you were, and suffer through filling out a boring form. For. Every. Single. Store.

Pretty lame, huh? Remind you of any sites you’ve been to lately? Feel free to click around, but if you want to post, send a message or do anything at all worthwhile, you’re thrown onto to a screen chock full of textboxes, checkboxes, and images filled with squiggly characters that you have to strain to identify. I’m not in Kindergarten! Stop giving me alphabet tests!

So how do we fix this? Some say with OpenID. It’s a young technology and definitely has it’s flaws, but it’s a step in the right direction. Much like your credit card that you can use to shop anywhere, OpenID gives you one identity that you can use to login anywhere.

Before you tear your hair out the next time you see a registration form, check if the site supports OpenID because chances are you already have one. No, I’m serious. All Yahoo, AOL, WordPress, Blogger, Flickr, LiveJournal, Bloglines…(you get the idea) users do. Intrigued? Head over to to learn more.

So what does this all mean for you, the RUWT? user? Not much really. It may draft more minions into RUWTbot’s army, but the emphasis is on may. Either way, give it a shot and let me know if it gives you any trouble.

Spring Cleaning

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Since we had another crazy night of hail here in Austin, I figure it’s a good time for some spring cleaning on the RUWT?blog.

Later today your favorite blog will be changing addresses. No longer will it be at the lame Nay, shortly you will find it at brand new, completely different digs at

Your browser will redirect you and RSS Feeds will move over automatically later today. Later today not precise enough for you? Hm. Let’s say shortly after I go kill some Migas at Trudy’s and am laying on the couch in a post-“cheesy goodness” coma watching Lebron at the Wizards.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Good Eye!

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Bonus points to mrman226 for being the first to notice a new feature that I’ve been working on all week and rolled out late last night. Official announcement coming on Monday.

Another feature was launched late last night, but it hasn’t shown it’s face yet. Folks near the top of the WYG? Leaderboard will find it the most interesting. Keep an eye out.

Wait, March Madness is in March, right?

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Well, well, well. I wasn’t expecting much from the NBA playoffs this year. Once again I’m proved to be an idiot.

Sunday was solid with the Pistons forgetting that the playoffs had started, and Saturday was rockstar with the Suns/Spurs craziness (Duncan for 3? Really? Really?) and the “Man, I just want to punch somebody” tension in the Cavs/Wizards series. Oh yeah. And Gilbert Arenas’ video game length range. Ridiculous.

Folks might wonder what I do all day (other than watch sports), so here’s a quick recap of a couple features launched in the past couple days.

Wait, when did he say that?
I like strolling through the bleachers to check out shouts and roots for games that I can’t see, but sometimes it’s hard to tell why people are getting so fired up. Now you can see exactly what the score was and how much time was left when a stream of roots started coming in.

No, no, no, you’re supposed to like this page!

One of my biggest frustrations as a sports fan (and a lot of the motivation to start RUWT?) is how hard it is find out what games are on TV each night. Surprisingly (to me at least 🙂 ), the “Games on TV” page isn’t in the Top 5 for most viewed pages on the site, so I figured it needed some sprucing up. Usually pages like this would go into the Beta testing area first, but I figured it was good enough to launch right away.

And no, I’m not a designer. I just play one on the Internets.

Pick-em’ Challenge Final Standings

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Boy this took me a long time to get up. The combination of my rockstar coding skills, crazy travel, and that infernal IRS, streched the to-do list longer than usual. Yeah. Let’s blame the IRS.

After calculating the bonus points for picking correct Final Four games, much congrats to the top 5 users bigsexy, senorpepr, alamowx, lpickrell, and Militia who’ll each be getting a high quality (and handmade!) RUWT? T-shirt.

Correct Picks Bonus Points Total Points
bigsexy 50 1 51
senorpepr 49 2 51
alamowx 47 2 49
lpickrell 47 47
Militia 46 1 47
DDrake 45 45
sparticis 44 1 45
BIGDAWG 44 1 45
McTool 44 1 45
bigbelly 44 1 45
Nuno 43 43
colguy 42 1 43
SuketoKetchi 42 42
shopgirl 42 42
bouch 41 1 42
anorexicivan 41 41
jemurray 41 41
kosukeson 41 41
SOLRAC 40 1 41
OICU812 39 1 40
flynnwt 39 1 40
coolguy 39 39
mark 38 1 39
jo36 38 1 39
klong3 36 36
FOOTBALL 35 1 36
virgilm 34 34
razor 32 32
Dodge298 31 31
Pizznerkins 30 30
Heavymeddler 30 30
redsoxfan2133 28 28
DaSaintFan 27 27
mrman226 24 3 27
mack788 24 24
RubberSoul 24 24
cos5000 24 24
Pasta2000 24 24
420fire 23 23
katieb 21 2 23
creede1 19 19
marcman9 17 17
Brother 17 17
LionO 17 17
bones 16 16
dalai 16 16

YTT 30: All Hands Meeting

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Get your taxes done yet? Yeah, me neither.

On this crazy day we have crazy news from each of the Big 4.

ESPN will be running a two hour special on the 2009 NFL Schedule. Not the draft, but just the schedule. In April.

Riiiight, yeah I know you’re in the locker room celebrating Sixers, but I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come back out on the floor. And lose. Okay? That’d be great

Front page news on all the papers while I was in New York last week. Front page. I’m serious.

Not sure if you caught the screen that Avery put on Brodeur this weekend (1:23 in), but Senior Executive Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the NHL Colin Campbell sure as heck didn’t. So enraged by Avery’s actics Colin added a new section to the NHL rulebook. Mid-Playoffs.

YTT29: Mudcats Spirit Keeps Us Warm!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Today’s YTT (care of the chairman) brings me back, so I’m sharing some early athletic stats with all of you from my first (and only year) playing Little League:

– I played Catcher and couldn’t catch.
– I dropped every third strike and proceeded to either sail the throw into right field or peg the runner in the back—there was no in between.
– In one game I clocked one over the head of the Left Fielder for an inside-the-park home run. Coach moved me up in the batting order for the next game where I proceeded to strike out in every at bat.
– Everyone in the league got an award. Mine? Most Improved Player.
– We lost all every one of our games going into the season finale.


– In the last game (against another winless team), we scraped out a win, rushed the field, and piled on the pitcher. And it was awesome.

Worst. Programmer. Ever.

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Hey everybody, look at me! I’m an idiot!

So it looks like I fatfingered my SQL query for the Pick-em’ Challenge’s latest update. My bad. 🙂

The leaderboard is fixed now.

March Madness Restoring Balance to the Universe

Friday, April 4th, 2008

And just like that College Basketball is about to leave us. It’s probably unfair, but it’s hard not to compare the craziness of the College Football season to College Basketball’s season. I had a feeling that the universe would restore balance and have tons of chalk to counteract the Football upsets, but who knew we’d have four #1s?

I think I’m still in mourning that Curry and Co. couldn’t continue the run, but I’m holding out hope that top seeds will make the Final Four more exciting. Eh. I’m skeptical.

3 games left, and they all count for double points. Get those picks in!

Member Correct Picks
bigsexy 49
senorpepr 47
lpickrell 47
Militia 45
DDrake 45
alamowx 45
sparticis 43
McTool 43
bigbelly 43
Nuno 43
SuketoKetchi 42
shopgirl 42
colguy 41
jemurray 41
anorexicivan 41
kosukeson 41
bouch 40
coolguy 39
OICU812 38
flynnwt 38
mark 37
jo36 37
klong3 36
virgilm 34
razor 32
Dodge298 31
Heavymeddler 30
Pizznerkins 30
redsoxfan2133 28
DaSaintFan 27
RubberSoul 24
cos5000 24
Pasta2000 24
mack788 24
420fire 23
mrman226 21
katieb 19
creede1 19
Brother 17
marcman9 17
LionO 17
bones 16
schin101 16

RUWT? Sports Toolbar for Firefox 3. And your wazoo.

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

It has been weeks in the making, but there’s finally a new version of the RUWT? Sports Toolbar.

A few requested features were added including compatibility with Firefox 3’s new beta, taking up less space when the ticker is at the bottom of the browser, always listing the home team second, and adding College Hockey to the list of trackable sports.

I hate spending time on features that users can’t see, but I’ve spent weeks rearchitecting the toolbar to deal with it’s steady growth. So tell all your friends! I got scalability up the ying-yang! Or up the wazoo? I can never remember which one.

If you use Firefox or Flock, what are you waiting for? Get the toolbar now! If you already have the toolbar, help us spread the word by leaving us a review!