RUWT? Sports Toolbar for Firefox 3. And your wazoo.

It has been weeks in the making, but there’s finally a new version of the RUWT? Sports Toolbar.

A few requested features were added including compatibility with Firefox 3’s new beta, taking up less space when the ticker is at the bottom of the browser, always listing the home team second, and adding College Hockey to the list of trackable sports.

I hate spending time on features that users can’t see, but I’ve spent weeks rearchitecting the toolbar to deal with it’s steady growth. So tell all your friends! I got scalability up the ying-yang! Or up the wazoo? I can never remember which one.

If you use Firefox or Flock, what are you waiting for? Get the toolbar now! If you already have the toolbar, help us spread the word by leaving us a review!

2 Responses to “RUWT? Sports Toolbar for Firefox 3. And your wazoo.”

  1. Bob K says:

    Works much better than the previous release, especially when on the bottom of Firefox browser……

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Bob that’s great to hear–it was user feedback that helped with that. I’m a “top of the browser” guy so I never would’ve known.

    Keep that feedback a comin’!

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