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When are this weekends’ games?

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Katie: hey do you know what time the games are on saturday/sunday?
me: no, but i can find out
Katie: i tried looking on line but none of the places i saw listed times. just dates
me: good thing you know me 🙂
12:30 and 3p on saturday
Katie: seriously…you don’t know how many times a week i think that
me: 8a and 10:30a on sunday
Katie: coool thanks!!
me: no prob
Katie: got some plans i have to cancel again on saturday. oops!
me: 🙂 and that’s why you’re awesome., if you forget

RUWT? is first and foremost a sports site, but the integration with TV listings is what makes it really special. Katieb IMed me this morning asking if I knew when the Elite 8 games were this weekend. I thought a quick jaunt over to Google would solve it, but no dice—everywhere listed dates but not times. And that’s when having TV listings nearby helps.

If you go to, you’ll see a list of every station you get. Then just click on channel you’re wondering about and you’ll get a schedule for everything sports for the next two weeks. Bitchin’.

Oh yeah. And she lives in Hawaii. Don’t wake up at 8a to watch basketball on Sunday or you’ll be really disappointed.

YTT28, Do it for the children!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Do you ever consider turning off your RUWT? alerts? Maybe think just watching ESPN the day after is just as good?

Sure. Go for it. If you want our society plunged into a cesspool of lies, deception, and half-truths.

Woah, Mark. What has your panties in a bunch?

Stop interrupting me and I’ll tell you what. Last night I got a High alert that Lakers v. Warriors was a 1-point game with 25 seconds on the clock, so chairmanlau and I tuned in. The end of the 4th and Overtime were freakin’ awesome until about 4 seconds left when a ref cheated us all out of a chance for double OT.

Watch SportsCenter and you’ll see one story. A happy fun time was had by all!

If you want to take the red pill, watch the second video and help grow RUWTbot’s Army.

Do it. For the children.

Surviving The First Weekend

Monday, March 24th, 2008

For two straight years I’ve knocked myself out of the running before the first weekend was through. I made my share of boneheaded picks (why does the Pac-10 hate me?!?), but I made it through the weekend alive in my pool. Small victories kids. Small victories.

But you’re here because you want to see the standings in the RUWT? Pick-em’ Challenge! Here are the top 50 members after 4 days and 48 games of madness, with the top pickers winning RUWT? T-shirts. How’s your bracket looking?


Member Correct Picks
bigsexy 39
lpickrell 37
senorpepr 37
Militia 37
Nuno 36
alamowx 36
DDrake 36
anorexicivan 35
sparticis 35
McTool 35
flynnwt 34
colguy 34
jo36 34
shopgirl 33
kosukeson 33
bouch 33
jemurray 32
bigbelly 32
coolguy 32
SuketoKetchi 32
OICU812 31
Heavymeddler 30
razor 29
virgilm 28
klong3 28
Pizznerkins 27
mark 27
mack788 24
DaSaintFan 24
Dodge298 23
Pasta2000 22
RubberSoul 21
redsoxfan2133 19
creede1 19
420fire 18
LionO 17
marcman9 16
MobiCat 15
Stevie22 15
Eltrutori3 14
mrman226 14
nertho 13

Christmas in March

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Really, is there anything better? Job Productivity will plummet and Sports Bar Revenues will skyrocket as March Madness descends on us all bringing 48 games in the next four days.

Here at RUWT? we won’t have a full-blown bracket competition, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a shot to show off your team picking skills.

Do the best job picking teams throughout the tourney and you’ll win prizes and (of course) the bragging rights to hold over your friends heads. Prizes and scoring are still being hammered down, but don’t let that stop you, get picking now!

I Missed You.

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Hey kids. I just got back from a vacation to Mexico and boy, did I miss you. It’s tough when you’re forced to just get RUWT? on a tiny phone screen, can’t get alerts cause T-Mobile wants to charge you $8 gajillion for each text, and ESPN Deportes is the only sports channel you get. It’s the longest I’ve been “away” from the site, but with March Madness starting and Opening Day just around the corner it’d be the best time to call a TO and sit on the bench for a bit.

We have a few days until the games start (other than the play-in), but here is a heads-up that there will definitely be a contest for March Madness. It won’t be a bracket, but like the NFL Challenge, you’ll have to pick the most games correctly with later games counting for more. Stay tuned.

I’m gonna go pass out.