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Would you say RUWT?! has…a plethora of Apps?

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Our goal at Are You Watching This?! is to guarantee that you never miss an Instant Classic. While you always have the option between text and email alerts, we know that two choices is simply not enough. That’s why we make sure to have a presence on every platform and newfangled device out there.

Whether you rely on our first app: the Firefox Toolbar, our newest app: the Chrome Web App, or my favorite app: the Google TV App, you’ll have RUWTbot watching your back no matter where you are.

Even I have found myself forgetting the full list of apps, so we have a new page to catalog all of them. Give a new app a shot today!

Thuuz Gets it Wrong…Again

Friday, January 21st, 2011

We sincerely love having company in the “Instant Classic Alerts” space, but our friends at Thuuz got another one wrong today.

Following up on the Royals are the most exciting team in baseball proclamation, we get today’s decree that the UAB Blazers were the most thrilling team in College Football.

Even more of a head-scratcher for sports fans, is the statement that the Big East was more exciting to watch than the SEC and Pac-10. Really? This pains me to write as a native New Yorker, but let’s be plain: The Big East was atrocious this year. Their conference champ got thumped in a BCS Bowl Game by Oklahoma.


Can anyone remember watching or seeing highlights of a UAB game this year? If you’re the most exciting team in Football and half of your results end up as two-score games, you better have unicorns running flea-flickers in the other half.

The numbers from RUWTbot, our patent-pending algorithm, tell a very different story. Crazy, grass-eating Les Miles and the LSU Tigers were at the top of our excitement list, with Auburn and Alabama close behind.

1. LSU (108.71)
2. Auburn (108.01)
3. Alabama (99.67)
4. Iowa (97.61)
5. Oklahoma (91.48)
6. North Carolina (90.35)
7. USC (81.32)
8. Arkansas (81.12)
9. Texas (79.20)
10. Oregon State (76.76)
11. Northwestern (73.74)
12. Arizona (72.91)
13. South Florida (72.58)
14. Michigan State (71.05)
15. Nebraska (70.62)
16. Michigan (70.52)
17. Rutgers (69.94)
18. Notre Dame (69.74)
19. Alabama-Birmingham (67.88)
20. Texas A&M (67.73)

Teams are ranked by average rating minus one-quarter of the standard deviation.