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Put a RUWT? Scoreboard on Your Page

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

A comment by RUWT? user senorpepr made me realize I forgot to mention a great Google Gadget feature. Yes, RUWT? Sports makes a great addition to your iGoogle page, but you can also embed it on your blog or any other website that allows <script> includes. Just copy and paste the code below and you’re good to go!

<script src=””></script>

Do we need to check the Red Sox game?

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

The motivation for RUWT? is pretty simple: I hate missing great games and I don’t think any of us should have to ever again. Here’s a great post I found late last night about RUWTbot doing his job.

I almost missed Jon Lester’s no-hitter. There I was with my softball team, relishing another victory, not really paying attention to much, largely due to some slightly inconvenient tv locations. The meal and beers were seemingly at an end when my buddy Derek piped up:

“Uhhh… so, I signed up on this site called The idea is it sends me e-mails and texts when there is an awesome game on, like an overtime basketball game, 12-inning baseball game, whatever. You tell it what tv channels you get and what sports you want to follow, and it let’s you know when something exciting is going on. Anyway, I’m supposed to get e-mails when games are at an “high” level of excitement, and texts when a game is at “severe” level. So, my question is… why am I getting a text that says “Red Sox 7, Royals 0″? Do we need to check the Sox game?” (more)

RUWT? Sports Invades Republic of Google Gadgets

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

It’s hard to keep a good robot down.

I’m happy to announce that you can now bring RUWT? onto your iGoogle homepage. Modeled after the popular iPhone app, this customizable scoreboard gives you news and scores for the sports you care about, as well as updates as soon as games gets good.

As always, give me a shout if you have any requests.

update: you can also embed this scoreboard on blogs and other websites…

Local Channels for DirecTV and DISH

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Personally I’m a cable guy but I know there are a lot of DirecTV and DISH fans out there. Local channels are showing up in more and more cities for the satellite folks, so it’s high time RUWTbot started watching them too.

Starting today, for all you guys that have been asking for it, you can pick up your local affiliates along with the standard satellite offerings when you select your lineup. Be sure to unselect the channels you don’t get when you’re done.