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The New “New” Are You Watching This?! Desktop App

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Are You Watching This?! is returning to the desktop!

The Desktop App is one of our oldest applications, but sadly doesn’t get the love that it should. Today we’re relaunching it as a fork of our RUWT?! Chrome Web App codebase.

What does all that gobbledygook mean? It means you can have the Game Tracker, Videos, Scores, and all the other features that make it a Featured Web Store App, right on your desktop. What are you waiting for? Install it now!

Rest In Peace, Sports Ticker

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

It may not have a catchy name, but mid-April to mid-May is at the top of my favorite sports “months” of the year. With the NHL Playoffs starting off in style last night, the NBA starting its playoff push on Saturday, and the MLB season in full swing, there are a slew of games each and every day.

Standing against that backdrop of joy makes it that much harder for me to break the following news:

The Sports Ticker that we know and love is dead.

Never to be faulted for effort, that reliable friend seen everywhere from our living room TV to our favorite smartphone app, had dutifully churned through each and every score of the day for decades. Sure, it took up room on your beautiful new flat-screen even when you didn’t need it, and sure, if you missed the actual game you’re looking for it was another 12 minutes before you realized you just missed it again, and sure…well, you get the point.

The cause of death is still being speculated, but the culprit has been confirmed.

I’m thrilled to introduce the Are You Watching This?! Game Tracker, the new application that revolutionizes sports fan multi-tasking. At a glance you can easily track dozens of games at a time, and with built-in TV listings and the ability to rewind individual games back in time (drag the dot), or rewind the whole tracker back in time (click the date), it’s Christmas in April for the Superfan.

Today we’re launching as an embeddable widget, a historic excitement viewer (check out Butler vs. Florida or what a No-Hitter lost in the 8th looks like), and in our featured sports Chrome Web App.

Who You Got? College Basketball Winners!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

The National Championship might have been a complete snoozer, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting for RUWT?! users! After 2+ weeks and 68 games worth of picks, not only did we yet again prove how bad I am at picks, but we’ve crowned three winners!

Congrats to Ashley, Angus, and gun.cho. Each wins their choice of a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate, or a RUWT? t-shirt made by yours truly. Extra respect to Ashley for winning the topping everyone–she’ll have 10 roots until we crown next year’s champ!

Ashley Angus gun.cho
Ashley Angus gun.cho