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…And that’s the way you make an entrance.

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Football is officially back, kids.

Sure, we haven’t had two ranked teams face off yet (Boise/VaTech is going to be awesome) and we have one more weekend before the pros start, but we had our first Upset, first Epic game (admittedly a smidge too soon), and our first Overtime thriller that had me yelling at the TV.

RUWT?! has always been about cutting down on the noise, and focusing on getting your butt in front of the TV when it’s crunch time. For better, and for worse, we’re getting more and more games, on more and more stations every year. For the next four Saturdays, we’re averaging 300 sporting events a day.


RUWT?! alerts work great for the right now, but we can do a better job of letting you know what’s on deck. Very soon you’ll have a great new way to keep an eye on the big picture.

Really vague? Yeah, I know. Just sit tight.