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Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Looking for the best NBA Assist of the Night? Or maybe the best Block of the Night? No need to search through, cause we’ll hook you up. Throughout each day we’ll be adding new clips from all 30 NBA teams to the 5000+ videos already in the vault. We’ll grab the videos of the best plays posted by the NBA and include them right in the recap for the game.

Sure last night’s Wizards/Grizz game was a snoozer, but Nick Young’s Dunk of the Night was sick.


You want RUWTbot on your smartphone. You need RUWTbot on your smartphone.

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Often asked, and long promised, Are You Watching This?! has finally dropped on the iPhone, Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, and Android-based phones.

There were numerous delays, as cramming this much sports badassery into one app had yet to be accomplished. There was this huge rigamarole, writing our Congresspeople to ask them to make changes to the Laws of Physics just to make it possible for RUWTbot to fit in your pocket.

Don’t believe me? Way to not be a lemming. See what complete strangers are saying about it.

“It will change the way you watch sports on television – for the better.”

David Lister, appolicious

“…this app is plain freaking awesome!”

Dan Ramirez, Totally Palmed

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