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Thuuz Gets it Wrong…Again

Friday, January 21st, 2011

We sincerely love having company in the “Instant Classic Alerts” space, but our friends at Thuuz got another one wrong today.

Following up on the Royals are the most exciting team in baseball proclamation, we get today’s decree that the UAB Blazers were the most thrilling team in College Football.

Even more of a head-scratcher for sports fans, is the statement that the Big East was more exciting to watch than the SEC and Pac-10. Really? This pains me to write as a native New Yorker, but let’s be plain: The Big East was atrocious this year. Their conference champ got thumped in a BCS Bowl Game by Oklahoma.


Can anyone remember watching or seeing highlights of a UAB game this year? If you’re the most exciting team in Football and half of your results end up as two-score games, you better have unicorns running flea-flickers in the other half.

The numbers from RUWTbot, our patent-pending algorithm, tell a very different story. Crazy, grass-eating Les Miles and the LSU Tigers were at the top of our excitement list, with Auburn and Alabama close behind.

1. LSU (108.71)
2. Auburn (108.01)
3. Alabama (99.67)
4. Iowa (97.61)
5. Oklahoma (91.48)
6. North Carolina (90.35)
7. USC (81.32)
8. Arkansas (81.12)
9. Texas (79.20)
10. Oregon State (76.76)
11. Northwestern (73.74)
12. Arizona (72.91)
13. South Florida (72.58)
14. Michigan State (71.05)
15. Nebraska (70.62)
16. Michigan (70.52)
17. Rutgers (69.94)
18. Notre Dame (69.74)
19. Alabama-Birmingham (67.88)
20. Texas A&M (67.73)

Teams are ranked by average rating minus one-quarter of the standard deviation.

…And that’s the way you make an entrance.

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Football is officially back, kids.

Sure, we haven’t had two ranked teams face off yet (Boise/VaTech is going to be awesome) and we have one more weekend before the pros start, but we had our first Upset, first Epic game (admittedly a smidge too soon), and our first Overtime thriller that had me yelling at the TV.

RUWT?! has always been about cutting down on the noise, and focusing on getting your butt in front of the TV when it’s crunch time. For better, and for worse, we’re getting more and more games, on more and more stations every year. For the next four Saturdays, we’re averaging 300 sporting events a day.


RUWT?! alerts work great for the right now, but we can do a better job of letting you know what’s on deck. Very soon you’ll have a great new way to keep an eye on the big picture.

Really vague? Yeah, I know. Just sit tight.

Are you ready?

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Are you sure? ‘Cause we’re getting into “there’s no good reason to leave the couch” territory. Seemingly every NFL game today has playoff implications, and we have a week of great bowl games just around the corner. And I’m in such a good mood about this week, I won’t even bring up how much the highway robbery that doesn’t have the Longhorns in the title game. I’m not gonna do it!

Hope everybody is having a great holiday week…

We couldn’t find any games that match all of the options you selected

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Wow. What a year it has been for sports.

The Super Bowl, March Madness, Tiger and Rocco in the U.S. Open, Nadal and Federer at Wimbledon, heck, even Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest went into overtime. A dog-off, if you will.

This week though, is quite special a special one. With the MLB on the All-Star Break, we have two of the slower days in the entire sports year. Unless you’re into the WNBA, a lot of you that use the RUWT? Sports Toolbar are staring at “We couldn’t find any games that match all of the options you selected.” No, it’s not a bug, it’s just that there were a whopping three games on Tuesday. One WNBA game, and two minor league Arena Football games. Today? Not much better.

But all is not lost, kids. First, we had Josh Hamilton completely own Yankee Stadium (and the fans), relegating Morneau to completely forgettable, anticlimactic winner status, and a marathon of an All-Star Game last night. And the best part? It’s only gonna get better from here.

College Football starts in a short six weeks, and I’m already starting to see television ads for Fantasy Football leagues. Things always get slow in the summer (even I’ve been slacking on my blogging duties), but there are a bunch of great games and great RUWT? developments on tap for the Fall, just around the corner.

March Madness Restoring Balance to the Universe

Friday, April 4th, 2008

And just like that College Basketball is about to leave us. It’s probably unfair, but it’s hard not to compare the craziness of the College Football season to College Basketball’s season. I had a feeling that the universe would restore balance and have tons of chalk to counteract the Football upsets, but who knew we’d have four #1s?

I think I’m still in mourning that Curry and Co. couldn’t continue the run, but I’m holding out hope that top seeds will make the Final Four more exciting. Eh. I’m skeptical.

3 games left, and they all count for double points. Get those picks in!

Member Correct Picks
bigsexy 49
senorpepr 47
lpickrell 47
Militia 45
DDrake 45
alamowx 45
sparticis 43
McTool 43
bigbelly 43
Nuno 43
SuketoKetchi 42
shopgirl 42
colguy 41
jemurray 41
anorexicivan 41
kosukeson 41
bouch 40
coolguy 39
OICU812 38
flynnwt 38
mark 37
jo36 37
klong3 36
virgilm 34
razor 32
Dodge298 31
Heavymeddler 30
Pizznerkins 30
redsoxfan2133 28
DaSaintFan 27
RubberSoul 24
cos5000 24
Pasta2000 24
mack788 24
420fire 23
mrman226 21
katieb 19
creede1 19
Brother 17
marcman9 17
LionO 17
bones 16
schin101 16

0. 1. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year everybody. I hope you all had a quality day in front of the TV and are looking forward to the Hawaii vs. Georgia game as much as I am tonight.

Not only is this a National Holiday, but it’s also a RUWT? holiday because it was a year ago today that I flipped the switch on this crazy idea. 12 months, a few thousand users, and a couple radio interviews later and we’re still alive and kicking.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. It’s been a blast so far.

Strapped In. Waiting on the Holy Grail.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

I left the house for the first time in a few days today—if you don’t count the trips to sports bars this weekend.

You see, I missed the classic Tennessee vs. Kentucky 4OT game and the epic Arkansas vs. LSU 3OT game the day after.

What? You didn’t know about the game? You’re kidding right?

Well I knew the games were on, but each time I was either driving to or from San Antonio to catch a Spurs game. As much fun as watching the Spurs crush the Grizz in a complete mismatch was, even with the contstant possibility of Timmy and Joey coming to blows, I was kicking myself after getting the Severe alerts while stuck on I-35.

So I took some learnings from all my time watching TMZ and did what any self-respecting celebrity would do…and checked myself into rehab. Didn’t know that there was rehab for sports fans? Oh yeah. It’s all the rage. I spent a few days getting my mind right and have been strapped in and in front of the TV pretty much ever since. Man, the Ravens were close tonight.

But, like some celebrity rehab, the problem isn’t solved. Yeah, it’s great to get an alert when you’re somewhere you can watch a game, but what if you’re travelling somewhere or on vacation? Well, that’s where what I’ve been calling the “Holy Grail” comes in. What if you could get alerts right on your TV? Or even better, what if RUWTbot could talk to your Tivo or DVR and let it know when there’s an exciting game on? “Hey Tivo! I like ACC Basketball, SEC Football, the Yankees, and the Red Wings. Anytime a game gets to Severe, just start recording. Go.”

A lot of folks ask about where the site is going, and what the plans are for the future. There is a lot of fun stuff I’m working on, but getting to the Holy Grail is always the priority. And lately it seems the question is no longer if, but when. Man, I hope it happens soon—those rehab clinics are expensive.

YTT25? Easy as pie. But which pie?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Hello College Football. I’ve missed you dearly. We’re back on the YouTube Tuesday train and picking the subject of today’s video was pretty simple. The only question was which video to show? Sideline reaction? Closeup of the FG being blocked? Worthy choices both, but the one below takes the cake. I mean pie.

Going for a bike ride? Jagshemash!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

I love baseball. I do. Most of my most exciting and crushingly depressing moments in sports revolve around my Yankees, but the summer of baseball is long. 82 days long, not that I’ve counted or anything. Thankfully though, there is a light at the end of the tunnel less than a week away. Seems like as good a YTT as any to peek in on the Tour de France. Yes, it’s as gripping as you thought it might be.

YouTube Tuesday V

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

And just like that, we’re only a couple days away from Championship Week. The regular season has flown by, but at least we had a great Saturday and Sunday full of awesome games. Granted, ESPN somehow comes up with a name for every week of the College Basketball and Football seasons, but Championship Week is actually a legit one. T-14 days until #64 v. #65.

Today’s YTT clip is a PSA from George Takei repsonding to last week’s comments by Tim Hardaway…and his smooth, chocolatey head.