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Rest In Peace, Sports Ticker

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

It may not have a catchy name, but mid-April to mid-May is at the top of my favorite sports “months” of the year. With the NHL Playoffs starting off in style last night, the NBA starting its playoff push on Saturday, and the MLB season in full swing, there are a slew of games each and every day.

Standing against that backdrop of joy makes it that much harder for me to break the following news:

The Sports Ticker that we know and love is dead.

Never to be faulted for effort, that reliable friend seen everywhere from our living room TV to our favorite smartphone app, had dutifully churned through each and every score of the day for decades. Sure, it took up room on your beautiful new flat-screen even when you didn’t need it, and sure, if you missed the actual game you’re looking for it was another 12 minutes before you realized you just missed it again, and sure…well, you get the point.

The cause of death is still being speculated, but the culprit has been confirmed.

I’m thrilled to introduce the Are You Watching This?! Game Tracker, the new application that revolutionizes sports fan multi-tasking. At a glance you can easily track dozens of games at a time, and with built-in TV listings and the ability to rewind individual games back in time (drag the dot), or rewind the whole tracker back in time (click the date), it’s Christmas in April for the Superfan.

Today we’re launching as an embeddable widget, a historic excitement viewer (check out Butler vs. Florida or what a No-Hitter lost in the 8th looks like), and in our featured sports Chrome Web App.

Who You Got? College Basketball Winners!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

The National Championship might have been a complete snoozer, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting for RUWT?! users! After 2+ weeks and 68 games worth of picks, not only did we yet again prove how bad I am at picks, but we’ve crowned three winners!

Congrats to Ashley, Angus, and gun.cho. Each wins their choice of a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate, or a RUWT? t-shirt made by yours truly. Extra respect to Ashley for winning the topping everyone–she’ll have 10 roots until we crown next year’s champ!

Ashley Angus gun.cho
Ashley Angus gun.cho

Bring on the Main Course!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Just how boring were the 0th Round games?

If the players can’t even stay awake, how could we? But there’s good news, everybody. The main course is just a few hours away, and we have two special entrees on the way.

Watch Games Live!
As we’ve been doing since 2007, links to a live stream for each and every Men’s College Basketball game will be available via CBS MMOD. Just click on any game, and hop on the video link for live streaming goodness.

Who You Got? Challenge
Back by popular demand, we’re running another Who You Got? Challenge! Correct picks for each game of the Tourney earns you points, and the most points wins. Up for grabs will be an Amazon Gift Card and those world-famous, handmade RUWT?! T-shirts. More info to come, but start picking now!

Every Game of March Madness Televised?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

While everyone is debating the value of moving from 65 to 68 teams, the most important part of this announcement is being missed. It’s big news for RUWT?! because of the regional nature of CBS’ past broadcasts.

Starting next year, EVERY game of March Madness will be broadcast live on TV.

Beginning next year, every game through the second round will be shown nationally on the four networks. CBS and Turner, an entity of Time Warner Inc., will split coverage of the regional semifinal games, while CBS will retain coverage of the regional finals, the Final Four and the championship game through 2015. (more)

Six? Really? Six?

Friday, March 13th, 2009

I don’t even know where to start.

The Connecticut/Syracuse game set a new record for roots last night in a game that was absolutely epic. That word is overused a lot these days, but in this situation it’s an understatement.

There is no better of example of why this technology exists than the unreal fun of screaming at my TV as the players willed their way into overtime after overtime. For your sake, if you’re reading this, I sure hope RUWTbot had your back last night.

update: the game is being replayed on ESPN Classic if you can find a tv…

Keeping the Regular Season Interesting

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Well that was fun.

Fresh off of a 10-3, rolling through the playoffs to win it all performance in my NFL Fantasy league last year, I put up a big stinker in 2008. I’ll finish under-.500, miss the playoffs, and I’m still blaming Eli and the Giants D for costing me a must-win back in Week 6.

And just as a side-note, you shot yourself Plax? Really? Really?!?

Anyways, without Fantasy to keep me occupied my productivity on Sundays is threatening to skyrocket, and I just can’t have that. So to keep things interesting I’m dipping my toe into the world of, out first NFL sport sponsor at I’m a sportsbook n00b, but I figure this is a great way to add some spice to the rest of the regular season. This week? I’m liking the Colts giving 6½ at the Browns.

This should be fun.

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Pick-em’ Challenge Final Standings

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Boy this took me a long time to get up. The combination of my rockstar coding skills, crazy travel, and that infernal IRS, streched the to-do list longer than usual. Yeah. Let’s blame the IRS.

After calculating the bonus points for picking correct Final Four games, much congrats to the top 5 users bigsexy, senorpepr, alamowx, lpickrell, and Militia who’ll each be getting a high quality (and handmade!) RUWT? T-shirt.

Correct Picks Bonus Points Total Points
bigsexy 50 1 51
senorpepr 49 2 51
alamowx 47 2 49
lpickrell 47 47
Militia 46 1 47
DDrake 45 45
sparticis 44 1 45
BIGDAWG 44 1 45
McTool 44 1 45
bigbelly 44 1 45
Nuno 43 43
colguy 42 1 43
SuketoKetchi 42 42
shopgirl 42 42
bouch 41 1 42
anorexicivan 41 41
jemurray 41 41
kosukeson 41 41
SOLRAC 40 1 41
OICU812 39 1 40
flynnwt 39 1 40
coolguy 39 39
mark 38 1 39
jo36 38 1 39
klong3 36 36
FOOTBALL 35 1 36
virgilm 34 34
razor 32 32
Dodge298 31 31
Pizznerkins 30 30
Heavymeddler 30 30
redsoxfan2133 28 28
DaSaintFan 27 27
mrman226 24 3 27
mack788 24 24
RubberSoul 24 24
cos5000 24 24
Pasta2000 24 24
420fire 23 23
katieb 21 2 23
creede1 19 19
marcman9 17 17
Brother 17 17
LionO 17 17
bones 16 16
dalai 16 16

Worst. Programmer. Ever.

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Hey everybody, look at me! I’m an idiot!

So it looks like I fatfingered my SQL query for the Pick-em’ Challenge’s latest update. My bad. 🙂

The leaderboard is fixed now.

March Madness Restoring Balance to the Universe

Friday, April 4th, 2008

And just like that College Basketball is about to leave us. It’s probably unfair, but it’s hard not to compare the craziness of the College Football season to College Basketball’s season. I had a feeling that the universe would restore balance and have tons of chalk to counteract the Football upsets, but who knew we’d have four #1s?

I think I’m still in mourning that Curry and Co. couldn’t continue the run, but I’m holding out hope that top seeds will make the Final Four more exciting. Eh. I’m skeptical.

3 games left, and they all count for double points. Get those picks in!

Member Correct Picks
bigsexy 49
senorpepr 47
lpickrell 47
Militia 45
DDrake 45
alamowx 45
sparticis 43
McTool 43
bigbelly 43
Nuno 43
SuketoKetchi 42
shopgirl 42
colguy 41
jemurray 41
anorexicivan 41
kosukeson 41
bouch 40
coolguy 39
OICU812 38
flynnwt 38
mark 37
jo36 37
klong3 36
virgilm 34
razor 32
Dodge298 31
Heavymeddler 30
Pizznerkins 30
redsoxfan2133 28
DaSaintFan 27
RubberSoul 24
cos5000 24
Pasta2000 24
mack788 24
420fire 23
mrman226 21
katieb 19
creede1 19
Brother 17
marcman9 17
LionO 17
bones 16
schin101 16

When are this weekends’ games?

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Katie: hey do you know what time the games are on saturday/sunday?
me: no, but i can find out
Katie: i tried looking on line but none of the places i saw listed times. just dates
me: good thing you know me 🙂
12:30 and 3p on saturday
Katie: seriously…you don’t know how many times a week i think that
me: 8a and 10:30a on sunday
Katie: coool thanks!!
me: no prob
Katie: got some plans i have to cancel again on saturday. oops!
me: 🙂 and that’s why you’re awesome., if you forget

RUWT? is first and foremost a sports site, but the integration with TV listings is what makes it really special. Katieb IMed me this morning asking if I knew when the Elite 8 games were this weekend. I thought a quick jaunt over to Google would solve it, but no dice—everywhere listed dates but not times. And that’s when having TV listings nearby helps.

If you go to, you’ll see a list of every station you get. Then just click on channel you’re wondering about and you’ll get a schedule for everything sports for the next two weeks. Bitchin’.

Oh yeah. And she lives in Hawaii. Don’t wake up at 8a to watch basketball on Sunday or you’ll be really disappointed.