When are this weekends’ games?

Katie: hey do you know what time the games are on saturday/sunday?
me: no, but i can find out
Katie: i tried looking on line but none of the places i saw listed times. just dates
me: good thing you know me 🙂
12:30 and 3p on saturday
Katie: seriously…you don’t know how many times a week i think that
me: 8a and 10:30a on sunday
Katie: coool thanks!!
me: no prob
Katie: got some plans i have to cancel again on saturday. oops!
me: 🙂 and that’s why you’re awesome. http://areyouwatchingthis.com/tv/stations/kgmb, if you forget

RUWT? is first and foremost a sports site, but the integration with TV listings is what makes it really special. Katieb IMed me this morning asking if I knew when the Elite 8 games were this weekend. I thought a quick jaunt over to Google would solve it, but no dice—everywhere listed dates but not times. And that’s when having TV listings nearby helps.

If you go to http://areyouwatchingthis.com/tv/stations, you’ll see a list of every station you get. Then just click on channel you’re wondering about and you’ll get a schedule for everything sports for the next two weeks. Bitchin’.

Oh yeah. And she lives in Hawaii. Don’t wake up at 8a to watch basketball on Sunday or you’ll be really disappointed.

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  1. katieb says:

    in other words…RUWT? saved my life.

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