YTT28, Do it for the children!

Do you ever consider turning off your RUWT? alerts? Maybe think just watching ESPN the day after is just as good?

Sure. Go for it. If you want our society plunged into a cesspool of lies, deception, and half-truths.

Woah, Mark. What has your panties in a bunch?

Stop interrupting me and I’ll tell you what. Last night I got a High alert that Lakers v. Warriors was a 1-point game with 25 seconds on the clock, so chairmanlau and I tuned in. The end of the 4th and Overtime were freakin’ awesome until about 4 seconds left when a ref cheated us all out of a chance for double OT.

Watch SportsCenter and you’ll see one story. A happy fun time was had by all!

If you want to take the red pill, watch the second video and help grow RUWTbot’s Army.

Do it. For the children.

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