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Surviving The First Weekend

Monday, March 24th, 2008

For two straight years I’ve knocked myself out of the running before the first weekend was through. I made my share of boneheaded picks (why does the Pac-10 hate me?!?), but I made it through the weekend alive in my pool. Small victories kids. Small victories.

But you’re here because you want to see the standings in the RUWT? Pick-em’ Challenge! Here are the top 50 members after 4 days and 48 games of madness, with the top pickers winning RUWT? T-shirts. How’s your bracket looking?


Member Correct Picks
bigsexy 39
lpickrell 37
senorpepr 37
Militia 37
Nuno 36
alamowx 36
DDrake 36
anorexicivan 35
sparticis 35
McTool 35
flynnwt 34
colguy 34
jo36 34
shopgirl 33
kosukeson 33
bouch 33
jemurray 32
bigbelly 32
coolguy 32
SuketoKetchi 32
OICU812 31
Heavymeddler 30
razor 29
virgilm 28
klong3 28
Pizznerkins 27
mark 27
mack788 24
DaSaintFan 24
Dodge298 23
Pasta2000 22
RubberSoul 21
redsoxfan2133 19
creede1 19
420fire 18
LionO 17
marcman9 16
MobiCat 15
Stevie22 15
Eltrutori3 14
mrman226 14
nertho 13

Christmas in March

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Really, is there anything better? Job Productivity will plummet and Sports Bar Revenues will skyrocket as March Madness descends on us all bringing 48 games in the next four days.

Here at RUWT? we won’t have a full-blown bracket competition, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a shot to show off your team picking skills.

Do the best job picking teams throughout the tourney and you’ll win prizes and (of course) the bragging rights to hold over your friends heads. Prizes and scoring are still being hammered down, but don’t let that stop you, get picking now!

I Missed You.

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Hey kids. I just got back from a vacation to Mexico and boy, did I miss you. It’s tough when you’re forced to just get RUWT? on a tiny phone screen, can’t get alerts cause T-Mobile wants to charge you $8 gajillion for each text, and ESPN Deportes is the only sports channel you get. It’s the longest I’ve been “away” from the site, but with March Madness starting and Opening Day just around the corner it’d be the best time to call a TO and sit on the bench for a bit.

We have a few days until the games start (other than the play-in), but here is a heads-up that there will definitely be a contest for March Madness. It won’t be a bracket, but like the NFL Challenge, you’ll have to pick the most games correctly with later games counting for more. Stay tuned.

I’m gonna go pass out.

We Have March Madness Videos!

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

The NHL finally has some company. CBS has decided to post great plays during games, and a game recap once it’s finished, for all 64 games of March Madness. Did you see the Vandy player hitting a shot from his knees? Did you miss Player of the Year Durant’s quiet 27 and 8? Or maybe you’re a Duke-hater and want to relive the silky smooth jumper that took VCU to the second round? Simply click on any game to view the clips courtesy of CBS, or if you can’t decide what to watch, just check out our Latest Videos page.

If you want to catch March Madness live you can head over to CBS’s March Madness on Demand, but what if you’re using a computer MMOD doesn’t support? I’m looking at you Mac and Linux users… Inspired by a computer science student at Columbia (via), we were able to strip out all the extra stuff and give you the direct link to the stream. Enjoy.

60-Day Return Policy

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Well it’s been two months since this crazy idea got off the ground. My lame excuse that “I bought it with cash so I don’t have a receipt” or my uber-witty comments to the cute girl at the returns counter just won’t work anymore—might as well celebrate. To mark a whopping two months of existence, we’re rolling out three new, great features on Monday. And you don’t even have to get us anything.

WHester asked if Wednesday’s Texas vs. Texas A&M game was the highest rated game we’ve had so far and surprisingly the answer is no. The whopping 203 points was a close second to the women’s double OT game between Texas Tech and Oklahoma back in January, but I have a feeling this game had more folks watching.

People, has there been a more exciting conference than the Big 12 this year? At first I thought maybe I was being a homer, but just about every week there’s another classic from that conference. Strap in for the Big 12 Tournament—you can bet it’s going to be nuts.

update: I know I said the new stuff was coming out today. But my dog ate it. I left it at home. The Internet was broken? Yeah. It’ll be out tomorrow. Almost definitely.

YouTube Tuesday V

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

And just like that, we’re only a couple days away from Championship Week. The regular season has flown by, but at least we had a great Saturday and Sunday full of awesome games. Granted, ESPN somehow comes up with a name for every week of the College Basketball and Football seasons, but Championship Week is actually a legit one. T-14 days until #64 v. #65.

Today’s YTT clip is a PSA from George Takei repsonding to last week’s comments by Tim Hardaway…and his smooth, chocolatey head.

30-day return policy

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

I hope you kept the receipt Gonzaga, cause you can’t wear that glass slipper anymore. But it’s not all bad Bulldogs—once you have a pair of your players arrested for drug possession, you’re officially a big-time program.

I’ve shouted my congrats to Gonzaga and now you can too. Starting tonight, you can not only post shouts for games, but for any article you see on the site. And if the article is about a game, your shouts will be automatically added to the bleacher section.

Even Better the Second Time

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Hey folks, katieb just called to tell me that ESPN Classic is replaying Tuesday night’s Texas vs. OSU classic today at 4p Central. If you missed it the first time, get to a sports bar now.