We Have March Madness Videos!

The NHL finally has some company. CBS has decided to post great plays during games, and a game recap once it’s finished, for all 64 games of March Madness. Did you see the Vandy player hitting a shot from his knees? Did you miss Player of the Year Durant’s quiet 27 and 8? Or maybe you’re a Duke-hater and want to relive the silky smooth jumper that took VCU to the second round? Simply click on any game to view the clips courtesy of CBS, or if you can’t decide what to watch, just check out our Latest Videos page.

If you want to catch March Madness live you can head over to CBS’s March Madness on Demand, but what if you’re using a computer MMOD doesn’t support? I’m looking at you Mac and Linux users… Inspired by a computer science student at Columbia (via), we were able to strip out all the extra stuff and give you the direct link to the stream. Enjoy.

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