Geek Chic

More from the folks over at SMITH Magazine, a photoset of geeky t-shirts from SXSW (via). Who knew that a $5 Old Navy shirt, $3 of fuzzy lettering at Hobby Lobby (question marks cost extra…), and some quality time with my oft-ignored iron, could sneak my ugly mug onto the list?

2 Responses to “Geek Chic”

  1. bones says:

    haha, nice lead-in with the big-chested girl. You got prime picture placement (and some great props), though, at the other bookend. Plus, all the letters stayed on! =)

    p.s. the link to ruwt on
    is busted.

  2. Mark says:

    i ran a study to figure out which one i should put up front.
    this picture barely beat out the picture of me.

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