I Missed You.

Hey kids. I just got back from a vacation to Mexico and boy, did I miss you. It’s tough when you’re forced to just get RUWT? on a tiny phone screen, can’t get alerts cause T-Mobile wants to charge you $8 gajillion for each text, and ESPN Deportes is the only sports channel you get. It’s the longest I’ve been “away” from the site, but with March Madness starting and Opening Day just around the corner it’d be the best time to call a TO and sit on the bench for a bit.

We have a few days until the games start (other than the play-in), but here is a heads-up that there will definitely be a contest for March Madness. It won’t be a bracket, but like the NFL Challenge, you’ll have to pick the most games correctly with later games counting for more. Stay tuned.

I’m gonna go pass out.

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  1. John Lynch says:

    Welcome back! Hope you had a good time.

    Thanks for the pointer to the “river” interface. Looks like that will be a lot of fun. Heck, it already is.

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