Strapped In. Waiting on the Holy Grail.

I left the house for the first time in a few days today—if you don’t count the trips to sports bars this weekend.

You see, I missed the classic Tennessee vs. Kentucky 4OT game and the epic Arkansas vs. LSU 3OT game the day after.

What? You didn’t know about the game? You’re kidding right?

Well I knew the games were on, but each time I was either driving to or from San Antonio to catch a Spurs game. As much fun as watching the Spurs crush the Grizz in a complete mismatch was, even with the contstant possibility of Timmy and Joey coming to blows, I was kicking myself after getting the Severe alerts while stuck on I-35.

So I took some learnings from all my time watching TMZ and did what any self-respecting celebrity would do…and checked myself into rehab. Didn’t know that there was rehab for sports fans? Oh yeah. It’s all the rage. I spent a few days getting my mind right and have been strapped in and in front of the TV pretty much ever since. Man, the Ravens were close tonight.

But, like some celebrity rehab, the problem isn’t solved. Yeah, it’s great to get an alert when you’re somewhere you can watch a game, but what if you’re travelling somewhere or on vacation? Well, that’s where what I’ve been calling the “Holy Grail” comes in. What if you could get alerts right on your TV? Or even better, what if RUWTbot could talk to your Tivo or DVR and let it know when there’s an exciting game on? “Hey Tivo! I like ACC Basketball, SEC Football, the Yankees, and the Red Wings. Anytime a game gets to Severe, just start recording. Go.”

A lot of folks ask about where the site is going, and what the plans are for the future. There is a lot of fun stuff I’m working on, but getting to the Holy Grail is always the priority. And lately it seems the question is no longer if, but when. Man, I hope it happens soon—those rehab clinics are expensive.

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