The Long Wow

I ran into an awesome post in Adapative Path’s essay archives (what, they couldn’t just say blog?) called The Long Wow. If you run a startup, a company, or a hot dog stand, it’s worth the read. It

“Notably great experiences are punctuated by a moment of “wow,” when the product or service delights, anticipates the needs of, or pleasantly surprises a customer. OXO’s Good Grips Angled Measuring Cup triggers such a moment of wow. A set of angled markings on the OXO cup lets you quickly measure liquids for recipes without having to stop cooking and bend over. Suddenly a little part of your life is easier, because OXO thought carefully about the way you cook. This delightful surprise resonates because it feels tailored to your needs.” (more)

I’ve had to spend a lot of my time on “plumbing” type activities doing my best to keep RUWT? up and running. We had over 200GB of traffic to the API last month (triple the site traffic if you’re wondering) and keeping it humming to support the RUWT? Sports Toolbar, iPhone app, desktop widget, Twitter Bot, definitely takes up a lot of time. Unfortunately all that time revolves around work that you may never notice.

So Listen Up! Heading into the end of the year, we’re bagging the boring “plumbing” work and focussing on new features. Top 25 options for College Basketball in the Toolbar? It’s coming. A way to turn off games in NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice? On it’s way. Include the message when you’re notified that someone shouted at you? Already done, son!

Christmas is starting early kids. Tell Santa RUWTbot what you want.

4 Responses to “The Long Wow”

  1. Raines says:

    I want a hum job

  2. Bryan S says:

    I want to be able to choose which teams I see on the ticker (as much as I want to know how North Southwestern Middle Rhode Island State does… I would probly just like to be able to pick which teams I want to see.) I want to be able to have better choice in which mobile notifications I get (maybe get elevated alerts for football but not basketball…)

  3. Mark says:

    hey bryan s, there are really good suggestions. specific teams in the ticker will be coming out in version 2.0, which will drop in january i’d guess. different alert levels for different sports is a bit of a tricky beast, but one that i’d like to have tackled soon.

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