RUWT? Sports Invades Republic of Google Gadgets

It’s hard to keep a good robot down.

I’m happy to announce that you can now bring RUWT? onto your iGoogle homepage. Modeled after the popular iPhone app, this customizable scoreboard gives you news and scores for the sports you care about, as well as updates as soon as games gets good.

As always, give me a shout if you have any requests.

update: you can also embed this scoreboard on blogs and other websites…

3 Responses to “RUWT? Sports Invades Republic of Google Gadgets”

  1. senorpepr says:

    Any plans on making this gadget available like the RUWT?box, where a user can add it to their blog/website/dirty corner on the internets?

  2. […] great question by senorpepr made me realize I forgot to mention a great Google Gadget feature. Yes, RUWT? Sports […]

  3. mark says:

    hey senorpepr, you actually can already but forgot to include instructions on how to do it. check out the new link above…

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