Wait, March Madness is in March, right?

Well, well, well. I wasn’t expecting much from the NBA playoffs this year. Once again I’m proved to be an idiot.

Sunday was solid with the Pistons forgetting that the playoffs had started, and Saturday was rockstar with the Suns/Spurs craziness (Duncan for 3? Really? Really?) and the “Man, I just want to punch somebody” tension in the Cavs/Wizards series. Oh yeah. And Gilbert Arenas’ video game length range. Ridiculous.

Folks might wonder what I do all day (other than watch sports), so here’s a quick recap of a couple features launched in the past couple days.

Wait, when did he say that?
I like strolling through the bleachers to check out shouts and roots for games that I can’t see, but sometimes it’s hard to tell why people are getting so fired up. Now you can see exactly what the score was and how much time was left when a stream of roots started coming in.

No, no, no, you’re supposed to like this page!

One of my biggest frustrations as a sports fan (and a lot of the motivation to start RUWT?) is how hard it is find out what games are on TV each night. Surprisingly (to me at least 🙂 ), the “Games on TV” page isn’t in the Top 5 for most viewed pages on the site, so I figured it needed some sprucing up. Usually pages like this would go into the Beta testing area first, but I figured it was good enough to launch right away.

And no, I’m not a designer. I just play one on the Internets.

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