YTT29: Mudcats Spirit Keeps Us Warm!

Today’s YTT (care of the chairman) brings me back, so I’m sharing some early athletic stats with all of you from my first (and only year) playing Little League:

– I played Catcher and couldn’t catch.
– I dropped every third strike and proceeded to either sail the throw into right field or peg the runner in the back—there was no in between.
– In one game I clocked one over the head of the Left Fielder for an inside-the-park home run. Coach moved me up in the batting order for the next game where I proceeded to strike out in every at bat.
– Everyone in the league got an award. Mine? Most Improved Player.
– We lost all every one of our games going into the season finale.


– In the last game (against another winless team), we scraped out a win, rushed the field, and piled on the pitcher. And it was awesome.

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