Steroids? Bad! Drowning All-Stars? Eh.

We’ll be starting this week’s YouTube Tuesday with a few facts care of Wikipedia.

  • Cable cars are about 12 feet tall
  • Cable cars weigh roughly 8 tons

RUWT? is all about being fair and balanced, so I’ll follow those up with some “facts” from my brain.

Given these indisputable truths, anyone see anything wrong with this commercial?

3 Responses to “Steroids? Bad! Drowning All-Stars? Eh.”

  1. chairman says:

    my problem with the commercial is the part where giambi reads the word “duck!” on his phone.

    first off, i don’t believe that he can read.

    secondly, his steroid-filled head could easily break through that thing he ducked under.

  2. Mark says:

    if that thing was made out of wood? advantage giambi’s head. concrete? then that’s a push. a wonderful, hilarious push.

  3. Elephande says:

    I would’ve thought it would harmlessly bounced off his ego.

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