RUWTbot plotting invasion of Canada

One of my favorite features on RUWT? are the videos that are imported every day. There was the humorous dust up when the NHL temporarily blocked YouTube embeds, but RUWT? is the only sports site where you can watch NHL video recaps (with no ads!), while reading NHL news recaps.

You can’t talk hockey though, without talking Canada. Yes, I know that not all Canadians like Hockey, but my market research consisted of renting Strange Brew—forgive me. Our benevolent neighbors from the North have made their feelings known that they’d love to join the party, so I’m psyched to announce that in time for the NHL season, RUWT? will support Canadian TV listings at the end of next month.

In a perfect world I’d be announcing Canadian support today, but my funding is from American Express and Capital One, not Austin Ventures.

If you’re wishing there was a way to get Canada on board faster than 6 weeks…well…there is: get 100 Canucks to email us. That’s right, take it to the streets. Tell a friend. Post it on your blog. Heck, post it on MySpace, if you’re still using that crazy thing. If we get 100 Canadians to email, I’ll suck it up, go back to a Ramen diet, and you’ll be seeing TSN logos post-haste.

update: we have a facebook group now! join us and help spread the word!

16 Responses to “RUWTbot plotting invasion of Canada”

  1. Tim says:

    Mark,you hoser,we are all waiting to welcome your American arse over here right now.I don’t think there’s back bacon in any Ramen Diet.You might want to think that one out a bit.”Oh,Canada our home and……………..”


  2. Yeah baby!!!! Mark you rule. recently started a hockey blog ( and will be promoting this majorly. Can’t wait!!!

    I’ll get you those hundred emails.

    There are no other sports in Canada besides hockey. It’s a fact.

  3. bones says:

    and in the U.S. today, there aren’t any sports televised period. ugh, can’t wait for the fall and the return of nhl and nfl.

  4. Mark says:

    Tim, don’t make me steamroll you, eh!

    Allen, I love it. I’ll set up a counter to keep track of how many emails we get in…

    bones, I woke up this morning and freaked out when I saw that the televised games section was empty. I thought the site was broken!

  5. Override says:

    I made a Facebook group.

    The name of it is Bring RUWT To Canada! In case you want to search, and not use the link.

    Totally pumped for this to happen. But I’ll still have to wait for the NHL to get back next season… Oh well, highlights for now.

  6. Mark says:

    awesome, i just joined it. finally facebook comes in handy… 🙂

  7. Tim Banks says:

    Good deal Override!Great to see all the members from New Brunswick,but,what’s with the Texan?

  8. Mark says:

    heh, i’ve been spreading the word down here too. just lending some lonestar support…

  9. Override says:

    The NB support is all people I’ve invited from around here. Spreading the word of RUWT, and at the same time spreading the word of RUWTCanada. Haha.

  10. Tim says:

    Where else can you find Habs fans and Leafs fans,like myself,joining in a common goal? (Yes,and even Texans) Speaking of Texas,good deal signing Mike Ribeiro.

  11. Pierre says:

    This is a great idea.. signed up and waiting. Hopfully you can get this up and running before Barry breaks the record….

    All hail Mark!!!

  12. […] to make things run smoother including an overdue redesign of the alerts page. In just over a week, RUWTbot will be invading Canada to continue his world domination, and (shhh) a RUWT? Sports desktop widget is currently in Alpha […]

  13. Kevin says:

    There still isn’t a canadian invasion… when will it come ?

  14. I have been visiting this site a lot lately, so i thought it is a good idea to show my appreciation with a comment.

    Jim Mirkalami

  15. Mark says:

    Hey Jim, it’s great to have another Canadian on-board…

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