Are You Watching This?! on Android

When the Game Tracker launched earlier this year, it was far and away my favorite of the RUWT?! apps.

Today, its #1 spot is in jeopardy.

Download Are You Watching This?! for Android

High Resolution Screenshots (.zip):
Google TV
Options Screens

3 Responses to “Are You Watching This?! on Android”

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  2. Jonathan Hart says:

    Hey bud, if you cover all the main sports you will be very successful. I’m a tennis instructor and have received no updates for this. Might seem like a small audience. But it’s bigger than you might think. Great idea you have but if you arent giving updates for other sports you’re perhaps not a big fan off you’re missing out on potential customers. I love all the sports but my main ones are golf, tennis, and squash. thx…Jon

  3. mark says:

    Thanks, Jon!

    Our hope is to cover every sport on the planet, but unfortunately getting solid data can be difficult at times. Be sure though, Tennis is definitely high on the wish list.

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