Win $25 and Celebrate Small Business

As many of you know, RUWT?! is a one-man shop and that I’m a big fan of all small businesses. That’s why I’m super excited that FedEx and American Express have given us a stack of $25 AmEx gift cards in celebration of Small Business Saturday on November 26th.

We’re way overdue for a Pick ‘Em challenge on the site, so we’re going big for this week’s slate of NFL games!

The top 20 Who You Got? pickers (that’s right, 20!) of this week’s NFL games will have their choice of a $25 AmEx gift card or a world-famous, handmade RUWT?! T-shirt. End up on top of the stack? Say hello to 10 roots status for the next 12 months.

Scoring is dead simple: 1 point for each correct pick, with the Sunday Night and Monday Night games counting double. Check out Small Business Saturday and get started with those picks!

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