Repairing NASCAR?

I get a surprising amount of emails from the contact us link on the site. Most of it is either SPAM or a request to get a copy of a high school football game that their grandkid played in. I got an interesting note this week about NASCAR though that I thought was good enough to post. The new blog plan? Outsourcing!

You want to know how to put the excitement back into NASCAR? No you don’t. Not really. I watched NASCAR for years, starting with Fireball Roberts and ending with Bill Elliot in ’87. I watched 5 minutes of the first restrictor plate race and was so disgusted I never went back.

NASCAR has degenerated into a modeling agency where 19 year old kids are recruited, not for their driving skills, but for how much they can appeal to teeny-boppers, for the sole purpose of selling merchandise. These kids don’t hold a candle to the worst of the old bunch and calling them race car drivers is an insult to everyone who ever drove NASCAR prior to ’87.

You want to fix it? Okay, how’s this for starters? Get rid of the stupid car of the future and get back to real cars. Put 426 and 427 factory crate motors in them and turn the tuners loose again. Put air dams and wings on them for down force, put real suspensions under them, real tires on them and let them race. The modeling agency sissies will be weeded out real fast and a crop of real race car drivers will be developed. And best of all, you will regain your fan base. Those of us who enjoy real racing and absolutely detest what NASCAR has become. If it stays like it is, NASCAR needs to change its name to Naive Adolescents Slowly Crawling Around a Racetrack.

Montoya and the F1 drives should be winning every race. For guys of that caliber to get beat by the babies driving NASCAR is an insult, not only to them, but to all the fans of real racing.

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