Just call me Mark Tres Cero

What? Really? It’s been two months since I’ve talked to you, sports fans? Totally unacceptable.

Since I’m super blogglenecked, here’s a quick recap in no particular order to clear out the tubes. Cause it’s not a dump truck.

  • Turned 30 last month. Kinda crazy. Went to Vegas. Got kinda crazy.
  • I’m hoping AI to the Pistons will be as awesome as Shaq to the Suns was supposed to be.
  • I fired myself last month because it seems that it’s what startups are supposed to do.
  • I rehired myself the next day after a massive pay cut.
  • I got laid off (for real) from my awesome job as the “Geek In Residence” at an ad agency. Found another great job to keep the lights on, but man am I gonna miss that title.
  • Nike’s “Fate” commerical with LT and Polamalu is the best 60-second spot I’ve seen in a really long time.
  • RUWT? Sports has a fan page on Facebook. For some reason, so do I.
  • Remember that Blackberry sports scores app that was supposed to come out? Never made it out of alpha. But it’ll still be released eventually. Promise.
  • Tech beating the Longhorns with 0:01 on the clock was devastating.
  • Yes, the economy sucks but RUWT? isn’t going anywhere.

2 Responses to “Just call me Mark Tres Cero”

  1. DialH says:

    You’re always the Geek in chief here!

  2. mark says:

    heh, thanks much bud.

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