The UFL. No, Really. YTT17.

Hey folks, hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. You’ll notice that this week’s YouTube Tuesday is actually happening on Wednesday. Crying foul? Well, go back to the first sentence. It was Memorial Day. And just like garbage pickup, everything shifts a day. Don’t buy that excuse? Well you obviously hate America.

This week’s video was an easy choice after hearing about the United Football League. That’s right folks, Bill Hambrecht, a “rich old Wall Street guy” is teaming up with rebel Mark Cuban (eyeing the Vegas franchise) to start a new football league directly opposing the NFL. They’re aiming to kick off in August 2008, and the plan is to televise games on Friday nights, targeting cities currently without a pro team—all they need is 7 more billionaires to hop on board. The NFL has swatted off four competitors and it’s hard to imagine this crew breaking through, but if I get to watch a pro game in Vegas or we get even one “He Hate Me“, it’ll probably be worth it.

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  1. chairmanlau says:

    i always loved hehateme.

    my dream is for them to make a football league where you didn’t have 100 guys on a team. i want them to have 15-20 per team. maybe they sub in the way they do in soccer. i’d also give one team a “golden receiver” who wears a different color jersey, who’s points are worth double. he’d also have to sing. and if the other team scores, your team has to do pushups.

    yes, when i write it all down it does sound crazy.

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