RUWT? Sports Toolbar: The Revenge

We released a new version of the RUWT? Sport Toolbar this week (v1.4.1) and it’s flying off the “shelves.” This version has two new features that users have been clamoring for that I’m happy to include.

First, you can customize the location of the toolbar in your browser. Want the toolbar at the top of your browser today? Do it. Tomorrow you want it down at the bottom of your browser? Go for it. We won’t judge.

Second, a feature that I’ve personally wanted for a while, the ability to lock the ticker. If there’s only one game that you care about, just click the lock icon and the toolbar will instantly get a one-track mind. And don’t worry, you’ll still get alerts for other games if something goes down.

Do you use Firefox or Flock? Then what are you waiting for? Get the toolbar now! If you already have the toolbar, help us spread the word by leaving us a review!

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