Boy, Tough Night

Well tonight wasn’t so fun. For the record, even though you may have gotten a text message that said otherwise, no, there weren’t 5 no-hitters going on all at once (believe it or not, related to Twitter), and the Mets vs. Braves game tonight really wasn’t worth 348 roots. Toss in the sports feed going down (believe it or not, related to the new Who You Got? leaderboard) as soon as I got to the supermarket, and you end up with a pretty stressful night.

Building a project to scratch an itch I’ve had for years has been a blast, but nights like these you just have to toss in the trash. Could be worse though—I could be a Celtics fan right now…

4 Responses to “Boy, Tough Night”

  1. jtlynchjr says:

    Ouch. Tough night is right, but at least it sounds like you’re getting the bugs worked out.

    I got nervous the first time I read this post, though — it’s fine to toss the night in the trash, but not the project, I hope! Things could also be worse — you could be the last place of the folks who have tried the Who You Got? feature. (I’ve got to get better at that.)

  2. Mark says:

    Oh no no, this project isn’t going anywhere! It was just one of those, “someone pass me a beer stat!” sort of nights. and yes lynch, we need to work on getting you out of the cellar…

  3. bones says:

    for real dude, those are two sorry looking execs. keep up the good work! (WYG is a great touch!)

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