My Head Hurts, YTT 7

RUWT?blog has been pretty quiet for the past few days. I decided to spend less time on SXSW/i panels this year and more on socializing and networking. I figured the only way to do it right was to jump in head first and now…well…my head hurts.

The craziness has included:

I’m gonna need a few days to recover and thankfully we have a short lull before the Madness begins on Thursday. YTT this week is a One Shining Moment appetizer…

4 Responses to “My Head Hurts, YTT 7”

  1. Mark — it was great meeting you at SXSW. RUWT? is a great concept and I’m happy to have learned about it. Now go hook your bad self up with a MyBlogLog account for this blog and I’ll set you up with a Po account for being so damn cool.

  2. Mark says:

    Eric, that’d be awesome. I’m getting on that as soon as I stop crying about by busted-up bracket…

  3. Dude — all I care about is that my beloved Gators are in the Sweet 16. Back to back national champs?

  4. Mark says:

    They better! My outisde chance at second place is pinned on Mr. Noah doing it again. I almost lost it when Purdue started taking it to ’em on Sunday…

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