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Every Game of March Madness Televised?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

While everyone is debating the value of moving from 65 to 68 teams, the most important part of this announcement is being missed. It’s big news for RUWT?! because of the regional nature of CBS’ past broadcasts.

Starting next year, EVERY game of March Madness will be broadcast live on TV.

Beginning next year, every game through the second round will be shown nationally on the four networks. CBS and Turner, an entity of Time Warner Inc., will split coverage of the regional semifinal games, while CBS will retain coverage of the regional finals, the Final Four and the championship game through 2015. (more)

Wait. This Looks Different.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Well, it should.

You’ll be seeing a whole new RUWT?! faster than your bracket imploded.

Now Playing: NBA “blank” of the week

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Looking for the best NBA Assist of the Night? Or maybe the best Block of the Night? No need to search through, cause we’ll hook you up. Throughout each day we’ll be adding new clips from all 30 NBA teams to the 5000+ videos already in the vault. We’ll grab the videos of the best plays posted by the NBA and include them right in the recap for the game.

Sure last night’s Wizards/Grizz game was a snoozer, but Nick Young’s Dunk of the Night was sick.


You want RUWTbot on your smartphone. You need RUWTbot on your smartphone.

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Often asked, and long promised, Are You Watching This?! has finally dropped on the iPhone, Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, and Android-based phones.

There were numerous delays, as cramming this much sports badassery into one app had yet to be accomplished. There was this huge rigamarole, writing our Congresspeople to ask them to make changes to the Laws of Physics just to make it possible for RUWTbot to fit in your pocket.

Don’t believe me? Way to not be a lemming. See what complete strangers are saying about it.

“It will change the way you watch sports on television – for the better.”

David Lister, appolicious

“…this app is plain freaking awesome!”

Dan Ramirez, Totally Palmed

Get all the details at

Thanks, Then Gifts

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Hey folks, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Things started off slowly with Thursday’s NFL slate being a bit of a dud, but we were treated to some quality games for the rest of the weekend. With Turkey Day in the rear-view mirror, we’re officially in the Holiday season.

Before I drop some gifts gifts gifts on you guys later this month, I should take a second to give Thanks.

I’ve been working with Grande Communications for the past few months, and they’ve agreed to let RUWTbot annex their Twitter feed, to continue his quest for world domination. If you know any Grande customers that haven’t hopped on the RUWT? bandwagon yet, and for some reason aren’t following @grandecom on Twitter, get them over to post-haste.


Friday, July 24th, 2009

Any of you early members of RUWTbot’s Army might remember the last time Mark Buehrle threw a no-hitter—I know I do.

It was a just a couple months after our TechCrunch write-up, and RUWTbot completely missed it. Total and complete Fail.

It was probably one of my most depressing days at RUWT?, so to see Buehrle pitch another no-no yesterday, and watch all the alerts stream out, felt extra sweet.

Things are always a bit quiet during the Summer, but there are some big changes coming to the way alerts work—some awesome, some not so awesome. Stay tuned.

RUWTbot got sleepy

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Running a startup is a lot like having a kid. Well…maybe a pet. A real annoying pet. One that pees all over the rug as soon as you leave the house.

Headed out with some friends this afternoon to catch Josh Hamilton play some Triple-A ball on a perfect Austin day in the low-90s. (And he signed autographs for a solid half hour. It was pretty dope.)

Got home to find a disconcerting “What happened to all the scores?” shout from senorpepr. Ugh. Fail. RUWTbot fell asleep for a bit, but he’s up and cranking again.

Oh, and for the RUWT? Sports Toolbar users out there, keep your eyes peeled—there’s a new version dropping in the next couple days.

Now That’s More Like It

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

I’m just gonna come right out and say it:

March was a major letdown.

Whew. Finally got that out.

I don’t know if it was just me, but it just seemed like March was a month full of total snoozers. March Madness was so Badness I even sat down to watch the Women’s title game hoping for something good—22-point blowout.

But boy, has April stepped it up. We seem to be having at least one great game every night, and today we have 4(!) NBA playoffs games, 2 NHL playoff games, Yanks/Sawx at the Fens, 500 miles of Talladega, AND the 2nd day of the draft!

It’s a smörgåsbord of great games on TV today. Check the snack situation and slide on the sweatpants. No reason to leave the couch today, kids.

RUWT? Gear for Playoff Challenge Winners!

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

before we get started, really A-Rod? really? i never wanted him on the Yankees. still don’t.

Well, it’s been a week. Hopefully the withdrawal symptoms are dying down, and you’re not waking up in a cold sweat screaming, “Cover 2!” Yes, the NFL season is over, but pitchers and catchers report in a week, and March Madness is just around the corner, so don’t fret. But to truly give you pigskin fiends the closure you deserve, I’ve gotta announce the winners of the NFL Playoff Challenge.

The plan was to make RUWT? shirts for the top 3 pickers. Coming up with a random tiebreaker for all the folks tied for 3rd that picked the Steelers over the Cards didn’t seem fair, so they’ll all get one. Congrats to all 5 winners!

Tied for 1st: 7 picks

bouch mrman226

Tied for 3rd: 6 picks

alacy52 jjuva13 McTool

Down to the Wire in the NFL Playoff Challenge

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Ouch. No, really. Ouch. Please don’t ever think that because I run this site I have any intellect whatsoever. After ten games wanna know how I’m doin? Hanging out at the Mendoza Line. That’s right, I picked the Eagles over the Vikings and the Steelers over the Chargers, but that’s it. 2 correct picks. Bleh.

Anyways, you didn’t come here to hear about my picks, you came to hear how you’re doing! With just the Superbowl left, we have a logjam at the top. The three users with the most correct picks will get a handmade RUWT? t-shirt from yours truly (check out senorpepr in his) and bragging rights for life.

MattDOOM777  6
mrman226  6
bouch  6
alacy52  5
jjuva13  5
SuketoKetchi  5
McTool  5

one more thing: If there’s a tie, getting the Superbowl right will be the tiebreaker. If we need more tiebreakers I’ll make some up. 🙂