RUWTbot got sleepy

Running a startup is a lot like having a kid. Well…maybe a pet. A real annoying pet. One that pees all over the rug as soon as you leave the house.

Headed out with some friends this afternoon to catch Josh Hamilton play some Triple-A ball on a perfect Austin day in the low-90s. (And he signed autographs for a solid half hour. It was pretty dope.)

Got home to find a disconcerting “What happened to all the scores?” shout from senorpepr. Ugh. Fail. RUWTbot fell asleep for a bit, but he’s up and cranking again.

Oh, and for the RUWT? Sports Toolbar users out there, keep your eyes peeled—there’s a new version dropping in the next couple days.

3 Responses to “RUWTbot got sleepy”

  1. Dr Rico says:

    Hey…How do I get into a blog for MLB?

  2. mark says:

    You don’t need permission–just get started… 🙂

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