Loud Shouting Coming From the Back of the Airplane

Late last Thursday night I was nodding off during my Southwest flight from San Jose back to Austin. The trip to Google I/O was great, but I was completely wiped. Add in the bonus of no one in the middle seat, and I was having the most restful nap of the week.

Through the fog of sleep, I mostly ignored some mumbling over the loud speaker, but the loud shouting from the back of the plane shot me straight up in my seat.

What’s going on? Is someone sick? Is someone being attacked?

Nope. San Jose just took the lead against Detroit in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semis.

There’s nothing like NHL Playoff Hockey. Nothing. That’s why I’m happy to announce the 2011 NHL Playoffs version of the Game Tracker. So far, three out of five of the Conference Finals games have already gone HOT. In a pivotal Game 3, what will the Sharks and Canucks do tonight?

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