ESPN3: It’s the Magic Channel

Please tell me you watched the Japan/Paraguay Instant Classic.

What’s that? You’re at work? Didn’t realize the game was on?

Listen up, because I’m only saying this once: As of today, that excuse is grounds for Sports Fan membership revocation.

I’m thrilled to announce the integration of ESPN3 into Are You Watching This?!. The vanquisher of boring workdays everywhere, ESPN3 not only simulcasts games from the traditional ESPN family, but it also gives you access to sporting events you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Just like the rest of our 7000+ channels, ESPN3 is available on your station lineup, it has it’s own dedicated ESPN3 schedule page, and you’ll get alerts when RUWTbot find a great game (look for ‘www ESPN3’). Unlike any other channel, we’ll include links to live streams and replays of great games.

So you missed Komano’s shot glance off the crossbar? Head over to RUWT?!, catch the ESPN3 replay, and I’ll let it slide. This time.

2 Responses to “ESPN3: It’s the Magic Channel”

  1. danimal says:

    I was just about to request this when I found this blog post. Seems like you’re missing a lot of content though – the ESPN3 website shows 10 live NCAAM games right now, but none are listed on your page ( Would be great to have this working!

  2. mark says:

    Hey Dan, great eye! It’s a bug I’ve been actively working on, and just released a fix for. You should see about 50 games, come morning…

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