You Can’t Publicize Your Plans for World Domination

It’s a lot easier when folks don’t see us coming. I like to think RUWT? Sports is the best-kept secret out there for sports fans, and it’ll be that way until we reach the Holy Grail.

But that doesn’t mean RUWTbot doesn’t like to do interviews. Check out his first ever official interview on Nerds on Sports.

Do you ever get bored watching all these sports? … I mean you do watch NASCAR.
No, I do not get bored but I do like NASCAR. The cars go around in an oval and periodically go down pit road which is a straight line. It reminds me of my two favorite numbers: 0 and 1. (more)

4 Responses to “You Can’t Publicize Your Plans for World Domination”

  1. BRAGGonUT says:

    Mark, I just stumbled across the site and think it is fantastic. I liked it so much I shared it with our readers.

  2. mark says:

    Hey Bragg, welcome aboard! Shoot me a line if you have any questions about the site…

  3. Peggy says:

    Hey Mark you are an idiot!!! Where are our scores!!!!!!!!

  4. mark says:

    sports scores for what?!? 🙂

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