RUWT? NFL Playoffs Challenge – 2 weeks in, what rhymes with carnage?

I really wish I hadn’t used “carnage” to describe last week—it fits soooo much better for week 2.

Only one Manning advances and it’s Eli? I’m pretty sure if you’re the defending champs and Billy Volek beats you (and that’s without the help of L.T.) you’re relegated to Arena Football. And for the Cowboys? Well…wait…you hear that? That’s the sound of Jessica Simpson’s house being lit on fire.

Anyways, after 2 weeks I’m still stinkin’ it up, but we have eight folks tied for the lead with 6 wins. No one has gotten them all right so the $50 Grand Prize is gone (whew!), but RUWT? shwag and bragging rights galore are still up for grabs.

The Leaders: 6 wins

cvacher Shaudius creede1
theonly1 bore gebba300
ekabrazi OICU812  

Hot On Their Heels: 5 wins

bones Scott sparticis
mrman226 senorpepr NewYorkMets9
BDigi GDawg anorexicivan
Flach82 SuketoKetchi Erayx1
bpiv MrMagnum McTool

4 Responses to “RUWT? NFL Playoffs Challenge – 2 weeks in, what rhymes with carnage?”

  1. Ekabrazi says:

    Yeah baby!! I hope that RUWT Tee comes in MANLY Sizes …. I hear that GDawg & Erayx1 were looking to trade in the tee ( like they actually have a shot!!!) for a Man-kini, Thong thing?!?!?!?

    Crazzzzy!!! Eli is in the playoffs & Peyton is filming commericals!?!?!? Who would of thunk it!?!?!?!?

  2. Mark says:

    argh! i was just about to message you the good news that you’re tied for the lead, but you beat me to it. well done sir… 🙂

  3. Ekabrazi says:

    Ok … Who took it?!?!?!?

  4. cvacher says:

    I went 1-1. Freaking Packers.

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