RUWT? NFL Playoffs Challenge – 1 week in, 9 still perfect

We’re just four games into our first NFL Playoff Challenge and I’m already batting a measly .500. Way to go Mark. Thankfully there are nine people to show me how it’s done.

We have another batch of four games this weekend so we may see a totally different batch of leaders next Monday. Forget what’s at stake? Get a recap.

4-0 After Week 1

cvacher mack788 Shaudius
creede1 bore Schultz
thndrnghrd24 gebba300 BDigi

5 Responses to “RUWT? NFL Playoffs Challenge – 1 week in, 9 still perfect”

  1. Shaudius says:

    That t-shirt and/or gift certificate is mine!

  2. iliketurkeybacon says:

    Very cool, Mark. I just saw the playoff challenge today. On that note, could you put upcoming things like this in the ticker, or send them as emails?

  3. Mark says:

    Hey bacon, that’s a great point. I’m kinda shocked that I forgot to publicize it on the ticker. I’ll be sure that something like this is better known next time…

  4. GoCapsRavens says:

    Lol sorry I was iliketurkeybacon I use that name in other places 😀

    Although, think about it, what other food gives you both turkey and bacon?

  5. […] really wish I hadn’t used “carnage” to describe last week—it fits soooo much better for week […]

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