Like to Watch?

I’ve been working on some new functionality for the home page redesign. It’s inspired by the iPhone app, and not polished or close to done, but the code will become core to a lot of upcoming enhancements on the site. I’m improving this daily, so feel free to watch.

Dynamic Scoreboard

3 Responses to “Like to Watch?”

  1. aaron says:

    i like it so far! this is the kind of thing you need for the desktop app

  2. Mark says:

    Aaron, I think you’re right.

    I rushed to get the desktop widget out the door to try and qualify it for this AIR competition. Once the next Beta of AIR comes out I’m going to give the widget another go–it’ll act a lot more like the iPhone app and this beta scoreboard.

  3. […] Scoreboard The beta scoreboard has been out for a lot longer and needed a little kick in the pants to get it closer to full […]

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