Elaine driving. The passenger seats are piled with the garbage from the basement – old carpets, bits of timber, boxes, etc. An external shot of the car reveals she is driving on Kramer’s section of road, as the black-painted lane markers can be seen.

ELAINE: Hey, look at this. Wide lanes. This is so luxurious. Woo, yeah.

Do you remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer adopted a highway and repainted all the highway lanes? It’s easily in my all-time top 5 with Elaine pretending to be a janitor so she can get Chinse Food from the delivery guy that won’t cross the street, George pretending to be a construction worker as he tries to get his Phil Rizzuto (RIP) key ring from underneath a pothole, Jerry unable to kiss his girlfriend (played by Kristin Davis) after knocking her toothbrush into the toilet, and it all ends with Newman belting “Three Times a Lady”, just before his truck explodes into a fireball.

What’s the point, Mark?

Shut your cakehole. Point is, I found some fatfingered code and a spot where I can cache some data a bit more aggressively in the RUWT? API this morning, so things will be running a lot smoother. As the server’s load factors fall to miniscule levels, I’d go as far as to call it luxurious.

API traffic (coming from the Desktop Widget, the Firefox Toolbar, and the iPhone app) dwarfs normal site traffic, so if you’ve seen any hiccups recently, those should be pretty much squashed. If you haven’t run into any hiccups, then there’s nothing to see here…

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