28 of 30.

Is this month done yet? I knew September was going to be a crazy month, but I didn’t expect this. I’ve been in New York for the past week (totally unplanned), and this morning I’ll be on Buffalo’s WGR 550 Sports Radio sometime between 9a and 10a Eastern. Yeah, I know that makes no sense.

More details to come.

update: the time is confirmed now—i’ll be on-air at 9:30a et.

update: john came through and we now have audio of the interview!

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  2. John says:

    This is awesome. If you have a link or recording of the interview, that would be great. WGR is my hometown station; I remember many many Sabres games on the old “GR55”, so it’s great to read that you were on there,

  3. John says:

    OK. Answering my own request for a link…


    Awesome, and great job with the interview.

  4. bones says:

    sweet! thanks for the audio link, John! You did a great job, Mark!

  5. Mark says:

    oh wow, you rock john. i know some people who will love to hear this.

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