How not to die

Yes, this is blog is mostly about sports, but it’s also about running a startup. Quitting my job and trying to build something useful from scratch from the desk in my bedroom has easily been one of the most memorable experiences of my life—some days are awesome, yet some are just crushing. The constant, lingering question though is, will we make it? Paul Graham has an awesome post on that today, and if you’re currently in a startup (or considering joining/starting one), you definitely need to give this a read.

When startups die, the official cause of death is always either running out of money or a critical founder bailing. Often the two occur simultaneously. But I think the underlying cause is usually that they’ve become demoralized. You rarely hear of a startup that’s working around the clock doing deals and pumping out new features, and dies because they can’t pay their bills and their ISP unplugs their server.

Startups rarely die in mid keystroke. So keep typing!


Keep typing indeed. The RUWT? Sports Desktop Widget launches next week. Drop me a line if you’d like to join the beta test.

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  1. bones says:

    you know i’m in for the beta

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