Has it really been over a month since I’ve posted? Frick on a stick!

I qualified for this weeks ago, but this blog is offifically blogglenecked. I coined the term back in ’03 when blogging was oh so cool. It’s a verb and defined as:

To reduce postings to a blog due to some sort of blockage. Often due to a really good post that has yet to be written.

Pretty accurate. Even my awe-inspiring wit couldn’t find something interesting to say (or that hadn’t been said already) as Barry did his thing, Vick did his thing, the Yankees did their thing, and the dog days of summer dragged on.

Time for the good news. September brings penant races, the NFL, College Football, and my birthday, but you guys are getting all the presents. There have been a ton of tweaks to the site to make things run smoother including an overdue redesign of the alerts page. In just over a week, RUWTbot will be invading Canada to continue his world domination, and (shhh) a RUWT? Sports desktop widget is currently in Alpha testing.

Things have been silent on the blog, but don’t worry, I’m still slinging electrons around like it’s my job. Oh right. It is my job.

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