Stern is at it again, YTT15

Well it’s official. The NBA has come down hard (and how!) suspending Horry, Stoudemire, and Diaw. Horry gets two games, but that might be all that’s left in the series.

Just the thought of a Spurs v. Utah Western Conference Final, and then probably a Spurs v. Pistons Finals just pisses me off. How could Baron Davis’ forearm shiver just get him a fine, but Diaw taking a few steps off the bench and turning around by himself warrant a suspension? How about some consistency beyond just blindly following these arcane rules? More than anything I wanted to see the Suns tangle with the Warriors, each team putting up a buck and a half each night, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. Big Shot Bob has come up big in the final seconds of a game again. This time though, it might be his shoulder that wins him the series.

Cue the conspiracy theorists. Here’s a clip (via) of Duncan leaving the bench after a hard foul earlier in the same game.

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