Alerts à la carte

I’ve done some more digging into the Buerhle Blunder, and fittingly it seems that the code to make alerts better for everyone kept anyone from catching the no-no. I’m pretty annoyed that RUWTbot wasn’t able to pick up the lefty’s gem, but I’m still excited about this update.

Tonight’s site update has two main pieces (not including the no-no code fix). There are updates almost every night, but this pair has been in the works for a while.

  • Updated Root Rating – Scoring was pretty spot on for College Basketball and College Football, but over the past couple weeks it seems that a few sports needed tweaking. Going forward you will see higher scores for some sports, specifically the NBA and NHL. But what if you hate the NBA and NHL? Keep reading.
  • Alerts For Just The Sports You Want – Love Football but can’t stand Baseball? Love Baseball but you’re sick of Hockey? Along with choosing what level of Roots your want alerts for, you can now choose which sports you get alerts for, and ditch the ones you don’t care about.

2 Responses to “Alerts à la carte”

  1. bones says:

    nice touch with the customized alerts! will our front page scoreboards also be filtered by sport?

  2. Mark says:

    that’s not on the list, but that’s good idea. i’ll see what we can do about that.

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