About.com hearts the RUWT? Toolbar

Hey folks, the RUWT? Toolbar got a great review from Scott Ogera over at About.com. 4½ stars out of 5? I’ll try and stop slacking.

However, I was also somewhat skeptical about this so-called “game watching robot” as well as the participation of the RUWT? community. As the days passed, my skepticism quickly morphed into a healthy mix of optimism and excitement as I began to see how well this add-on did its job. The features are definitely as advertised, and the steady growth of the community makes the RUWT? Bleachers a good place to chat up a game or race. A lot of toolbars and add-ons can give you the latest scores, but this one does so much more. more…

Use Firefox or Flock? Get the RUWT? Toolbar now!

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  1. bones says:

    congrats on the great review! (Horse racing is a key sport?! Reviewer totally likes to bet on the ponies… )

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