Soooooo Padre.

So…there are some issues with the Twitter shtuff. The messages for some of the bots are getting jumbled around, so you might see some NBA messages on the NCAAB stream and whatnot. I’ll get on it as soon as I’m back from South Padre.

Yes, that South Padre. I’m taking a weekend off because, well, I needed to get out of town and unwind for a few days. First 24 hours? Mission accomplished. We ended the night last night a a bar with the official Vanilla Ice after-show party (he’s still touring? maybe it was an after-career party?) with the man himself pouring shots of Jaeger directly into peoples mouths, Cyrus from Real World Boston running around for, and the Girls Gone Wild crew filming an “episode”. Yes, that Girls Gone Wild. and no, you’re not getting a link.

So hang tight. Drink a beer. Watch some basketball. Twitter fixes and my witty bleacher comments will be back Sunday night.

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