After seeing the highlights on SportsCenter, I was really curious how the NHL was going to cut the highlights for last night’s battle between the Sens and the Sabres. There’s not a single bit (or even mention) of the wild fight that not only saw two goalies go at it, but a goalie and a forward tussle for a bit, but that doesn’t mean the NHL’s recap isn’t really exciting.

Can someone tell me who the play-by-play man for Buffalo is? And why a goal being scored causes him to yell “There goes the population in Convenville!” (at -3:49). There were 10 goals scored in the game bout, plus a shoot out, and each goal call by this guy is better than the last. I’ve always loved the Soccer guy that yelled “Gooooooool” for his voice control, but this Buffalo commentator screams and strains on his call of “Scoooooooooooooore” like it’s his dying breath. It’s awesome.

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  1. John says:

    Randomly posting a comment long after the fact for you, but since this site is new to me:

    The Sabres PBP guy is Rick Jeanneret, and he’s done PBP for the Sabres pretty much forever. He was the radio guy for the Sabres in the 1970s, and I still remember listening to him on my hidden transistor radio long after my parents told me that I should be asleep.

    The reference is to Sabres second-year winger Jason Pominville. The running joke with the PBP team is that whenever he scores the population of “Pominville” increases.

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