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I gotta admit, I’m pretty glad last week is done. Not because of the excessive ball I played this weekend that has every muscle in my body sore, but because we got pub from a lot of websites about our launch, including a review from the Siskel & Ebert of websites: The review was unexpected, so there was a lot of scrambling and IMs full of capital letters that maybe I’ll share sometime. The good news though, is we should hit 150 users tomorrow and people seem to be having fun.

It’s a good application of the community voting model that benefits greatly from the automated analysis of scores to determine interestingness. They also tie it all together by letting you track your watchlist by RSS and iCal feeds, check if your friends are getting a game you aren’t. (more from TechCrunch)

Its a combination of digg and tv guide but focused on sports. Basically people ‘digg’ a sports event that they’re currently watching, and alert others that theres a great game going on. Theres also a decent amount of video and recommended upcoming games. Its a pretty cool idea, and I thought i’d share it with you. (more from Hotfoot)

I really like the concept, how they’ve implemented it, and can’t wait to see what they plan to do with it in the future. (more from RotoNation)

Seemingly like every other week since RUWT? launched, this week will be a big one. We’re pounding the keyboards and the pavement to keep innovating and make sure you never miss a classic. As always, you can drop me a line with questions and feedback at

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