Last night’s Superbowl between the Colts and the Bears had the craziest first half I’ve seen in quite a while. 6 turnovers, Vinatieri misses a kick, and Hester runs back the opening kick for touchdown which I missed. Because I was 30 seconds late to my buddy’s house. 30.

Anyways, we’ll get a week or two of basking in the glow of the Colts, the unavoidable Sports Illustrated commercial with some cheap sweatshirt, and the inevitable slew of new Petyon commercials…which I actually like. But then what? My fantasy football team was eliminated months ago, we need to remove the NFL from the navbar. College basketball will slide into the top spot, but what will we add?

Wait for it…

NASCAR. That’s right kids. I’m somewhat of a closet NASCAR fan. I’ll admit it. I’m actually looking forward to watching NASCAR Now on ESPN2 tonight. While I’ll miss the “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!”-stylings of DW, I’m curious to see how ESPN will handle NASCAR on their network.

We’ve gotten the Team A vs. Team B games under our belt, but this will be RUWT?’s first rateable sport that is every man for himself. We’re stoked.

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